Exporting to a Fannie Mae format
1. In the Loan Pipeline, select the loan to be exported.
2. Select ePASS from the Action Panel under the Service Providers/Underwriting section of the My ePASS homepage, select Fannie Mae DU for ePASS. Or, on the Services tab, select Underwriting. On the Underwriting panel, highlight Fannie Mae DU for ePASS and click Submit.
3. The Fannie Mae DU storefront will appear. Select Export Loan to Fannie Mae Format.
4. The Save As panel will appear. From the Save In dropdown, select the desired location to which the file is to be saved. Enter an identifiable File Name (example - the borrower's last name) and use the Save As type dropdown and select the desired format version (Version 3.2 is the default setting). Click Save.
5. The Incomplete Loan Application panel will appear. Select Continue.
6. A notification will appear that the file has been exported successfully to the selected location. At this point, the .fnm file is available for uploading.