Exporting to a Fannie Mae format
1. Open the Loan Handler.
2. Open the borrower file that you wish to export to Fannie Mae DU 3.2 format.
3. Click on the ePASS button at the top of the screen.
4. The ePASS home page loads. Click on the DU Info and Services link under Fannie Mae from the left-hand navigation bar.
5. The Fannie Mae DU for the ePASS homepage loads. Click on the Export Loan to Fannie Mae Format link from the left-hand navigation bar.
6. You may recieve an error message at this point. Press Continue.
7. The Fannie Mae file is created and stored in the same folder as the original borrower file. When the export is complete, a message will appear listing the path to the newly created file. At this point the .fnm file is available for uploading.