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  A brief Industry History



In the early 1990's the underwriters who approved loans faced an untenable situation as competitive pressures forced lenders to refine their risk management guidelines. Underwriters were required to consider a wider and wider range of variables in their risk assessments and had to balance conflicting factors. To meet this rising administrative burden, the Federal National Mortgage Association ("Fannie Mae") introduced the first computerized risk assessment engines, Desktop Originator and Desktop Underwriter. They provided for a comprehensive and, more importantly, consistent evaluation of all of a borrower's relevant characteristics. Automated Underwriting evaluation has now become an indispensable part of almost every loan submission.

  Here's how we can help  



1003 Check is applying the same evaluation approach to the beginning of the submission process that has worked so well at the final approval stage. Our service will evaluate a loan submission application against a comprehensive set of the requirements for that documentation. Administrative over-sights and even obscure complications can be detected as soon as they arise in the application process and the software will immediately recommend the corrective actions that can aid in the prompt approval of the submission.

Mistakes can be costly - Prevention is not

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